Fresh Batch of Dreams Arrives on Campus, Ready to Be Crushed


This Monday marked the start of a new semester and with it 2700 new, smiling faces, unaware of the soul-crushing horrors and realizations to follow. New freshman hopped out of their beds this week, ready to begin working towards a degree they honestly think they have a shot at.  Dozens of soon to be ex pre-med and pre-law students trudged up freshman hill with their temporarily relevant textbooks looking towards the horizon and their feeble dreams.  It’s this kind of tenacity that makes the Freshman Class of Georgia Tech so gosh-darn adorable year after year.  Upperclassmen have urged 2nd and 3rd years not to worry if this year’s optimism levels seem unusually high.  “These things work in cycles,” assured Robert Cranver, a 5th year Industrial Engineering student, “This is a big year for hope.  Before you know it, 70 to 80 percent of these kids will be in management where they belong.”  This uplifting feeling of enlightenment is forecasted to fade away by the end of September, so be sure to dress accordingly.



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